What is audio mixing?

Audio Mixing is the combination of all the recorded sounds/stems on your track, professionally mixed by an Audio Engineer. The Audio Mixing is an essential process that requires technical skill and experience of creating a balanced and unified song which would then be mixed-down for the final stage of music production ( Audio Mastering ).

Why Choose Mreezbeats For Your Audio Mixing?

With Mreezbeats, you’re guaranteed your track will receive the attention to detail and professionalism you deserve at an unbeatable price.

We go beyond just making your rough mix sound better. You’re paying us to hear the things that you don’t hear. In addition to giving every instrument in your song space and definition. You spent the time to get everything just right, now make sure your work is mixed just right.

The bottom line is that we will make your music sound better than you have ever expected it to sound like.

  • Vocal Tuning / Pitch Correction -To fix out of key vocals.
  • Vocal Harmonies – We can produce vocal harmonies from your single vocal track and make it sound like a chorus. This is great for “Hooks” and Chorus.
  • Lead Vocal Doubling – Great for thickening up your main vocal track.

We can add life and enhance all your vocals with our state of the art vocal processing tools. Vocals are the most important part of your song. It can make or break your song. We can make them sound better than you can imagine.


Quick and smooth turnarounds. You will receive your instrumental / music / theme track within 1-3 business days.

I offer a high quality service for an unbeatable price. Make your music shine!

Make your songs industry ready with the best mixing you can get.

For such a great service I offer the best pricing available! I accept Western Union, Debit/Credit Cards, and Direct Bank Deposits for payments.

Service Price

  • 15,000@
    • 2x option 1
    • Free option 2
    • Unlimited option 3
    • Unlimited option 4
    • 1x option 5
  • Best Price
  • 37,500@
    • 2x option 1
    • Free option 2
    • Unlimited option 3
    • Unlimited option 4
    • 1x option 5
  • Best Discount
  • 50,000@
    • 2x option 1
    • Free option 2
    • Unlimited option 3
    • Unlimited option 4
    • 1x option 5
  • Unbeatable Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that you export separate WAV files for each audio channel (stem). Each instrument and vocal should have its own track. If your project has 15 channels, you will export 15 WAV files. Please name each track appropriately (kick, snare, lead vox, etc.).

how to prepare your track for audio mixing

All audio channels you prepare for exporting need to have your mix plugins (EQ, reverb or compression) removed. Other creative effects such as delays, filters etc can be kept. Our time is best spent in the mix and there’s no need for us to recreate effects you already like the sound of.

Before exporting the audio files, please make sure there’s no processing (EQs, compressors or limiters) on the master buss. These would affect the dynamics, which we take care of in the mixdown and mastering stage.

All exported audio files need to begin at the same start time. Even if you have a sound on one channel at the very end of your song, bounce the whole file, from the beginning of your song. This is essential for us to line up your song when importing the audio into our workspace. The end of the files can all be different. When the sound ends for the song, the audio file can end there. Alternatively, you can bounce all the audio files to the end of your song.

Audio Levels

Please export your audio at the level you have it in your rough mixdown as this will provide a good starting point for us. Please also ensure that no audio channels are peaking any higher than -1db before exporting. If you record the audio too loud, it will affect the final audio quality.

File Format

The file format should be as follows; 24bit 44100hz WAV. We can handle other file types but please check with us first. We DO NOT accept mp3s.

Rough Mix & Reference Tracks

When sending your files for audio mixing, please include your rough mix. It also helps to send us some reference songs. These would be songs that you envisage your song sounding like. This helps us understand the sound and style you’re going for.

You can send me the mp3 version of your unmixed song with the form above, I will evaluate it and get back to you on how we can make progress on mixing it.

It takes a minimum of 3 days to complete the song mixing process. Depending on the amount of works at hand could take a week for completion.

Ofcourse, you can check about our mastering service here.