What is a beat/instrumental?

Beat, or instrumental as it is often referred to is an collection instruments played either in accordance to a written song or pre-made with the intention of composing to it. Various genres of music comply with specific instruments to present the rhythm, melody, emotion or feeling behind it. A beat could either be a single instrument like a guitar or piano, or multiple instruments replying each other in one scale.

Why Choose Mreezbeats For Your Beat/Instrumental?

Everyone who wants to be a professional artist, needs to make sure of one thing. He/she needs to keep up with the competition in terms of quality, innovation, creativity and have professional quality music and sound recording.

That’s where Mreezbeats jumps in as your top source for high quality instrumentals / beats that cover a wide variety of sounds, instrumentation, moods, tempo and genres such as afrobeat, highlife, afropop, hip hop, trap, pop, and r&b but also alternative, orchestral or acoustic music and movie soundtracks.

Take your time, listen to our instrumentals. We offer various genres of beats for any purpose. All of our beats are professionally mixed and mastered. This ensures that you can download our free beats on your hard drive and start recording immediately to see if your songs turn out the way you imagine and are worth to you investing in our beat making service.

u have ever expected it to sound like.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ofcourse, its your beat. We enjoy sharing ideas with our clients to bring out the best sound possible for their songs or soundtracks.

Yes, depending on our library we will play you some of our available ready made beat.

Yes, we enjoy producing full music track for our clients as it helps us producing the music with preferred sound instruments, perfect mixing and professional mastering.